Welcome to Robogals

A student-run organisation that aims to increase female participation in engineering, science and technology.

icon School Visits

Robogals arranges for our university student volunteers to visit girls schools to run robotics workshops and other workshops. In these fun and educational classes, students learn the basics of engineering, robotics and programming

icon Workshops

Using programmable robots, we teach the principles of engineering in a fun and creative manner. No prior experience in robotics necessary.

icon Other Activities

Robogals holds an annual conference for executives from each of our regions, as well as provide localised initiatives to meet certain demands and gaps.


Enquiries from schools

Please email school@robogals.org mentioning what city you are in, and we will forward your request to the relevant local chapter.

Sponsorship enquiries

  • Asia Pacific: Karen Alarcon - karen@robogals.org
  • North America: Nicole Proulx - nicole.proulx@robogals.org
  • United Kingdom: Natalie - natalie@robogals.org

Contacting Marita Cheng (曹麗君)

To contact Marita, including for speaking or media interview requests, please refer to her personal website.

All media enquiries

For media enquiries other than those relating to Marita Cheng, please email Emily Breakwell on emily@robogals.org.

Establishment of new Robogals chapters

Please email Nicole Brown at nicole@robogals.org.

Content on the Robogals website

Please email the webmaster at web@robogals.org.

Everything else

Please email Taryn Musgrave at taryn@robogals.org.

Visitors by appointment only. Our office is staffed by volunteers and so does not have regular hours

icon 1 #10-04 Building 168, Doug McDonell Building, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3052 Australia

icon 2 +61 3 9035 3880